Welcome to The NGC Ladies Section

The section has been established for some time now, but we're looking to expand this further. We cater for all abilities and ages and run an inclusive section. We enjoy playing friendly and competitive golf throughout the season with 2021 seeing us build a Weekend league team. 
The weekend league consists of 3 players competing against other clubs - this year it's Forest Park, Forest of Galtres and Knaresborough. It's a chance to meet players from other clubs often enjoying a bite to eat before or after the game and we also get to play some other course - result! 

We are aiming to run events aimed at increasing our membership and held our very first Open evening - seeing 8 new ladies join us for the evening for coaching, Prosecco, chipping and putting. We are embarking on a Women on Par event sponsored by England Golf sometime later in the year. 

We are a friendly section and would love any new members, the section is organised by a small committee and you can find out more about them on here. 

If you would like to play a part in the Women's Section, or would like to take part in the competitions or friendly fixtures we often arrange, feel free to contact either Julie or any of the Women's committee in the first instance please enable javascript to view

Meet the Organisers

Tom Giles

Julie Stead 
I am a keen golfer and like most people continue to strive to be even better. I started playing golf as a child when I was fortunate enough to live at a local golf club but teenage years came along and golf and I parted ways! My husband  bought me a set of clubs around 10 years ago and with that I've been playing as much as possible ever since.  If he hadn't done that I doubt I'd have picked up a club again. I love to compete and play in as many competitions as possible. 
I joined NGC at the end of 2019 when my previous club folded at a moments notice. I love playing the course and every time I play I seem to see a different aspect... depending on the game I'm having!   I love to socialise and you can often see me chatting away and most importantly helping to create a good social atmosphere. 
Having set up the weekend league this year, I'm passionate about growing the section for the Club. I strive to ensure that there is an all inclusive culture regardless of ability
I'm still a full time working lady golfer and I work in the IT industry in Telecommunications and have been there for some time. You'll find me on the course every weekend and if I can through the summer one evening a week (at least!) 
I love working with the ladies and am excited to see how we can develop the section and bring more to NGC.  The board of directors are up for the challenge! 

Roy Smith

Jenny Graf 
I joined NGC when it was a short 9 hole course and actually in Normanton. I wasn't there very long before it re-located to it's current position on Aberford Road. The new course was a revelation!  So interesting and a different challenge every day. 
Having retired in 2006 I can still remember how a game of golf gave me a feeling of total escape from being a single working mum, problems forgotten for a while! 
Now, in retirement, as my handicap goes up instead of down, I really appreciate the friendship and great company golf brings. I've had golfing weekends away, golfing holidays in Turkey, played many other courses Open Days and met some great people in inter-club competitions. 
Make memories! Come and join us, you'd be very welcome! 

Tom Giles

Jayne Turner 
I started playing golf to enable me to take part in corporate events that I was arranging through work instead of having to sit and wait alone whilst everyone else was out on the course. 
I became a member of a local club where I grew to love the sport and enjoyed the social aspect of the game both on and off the course for 4 years. A house move disrupted play and not being a member of a club meant I wasn't getting the opportunity to get out onto the course 
Six years passed with very little golf until a previous playing partner and friend joined NGC on what was a very attractive introductory offer. Now was my chance to get back to the game and see if I could get back the love. 
Just over a year back playing and YES the love has returned for the game and I'm getting so many opportunities to play. I have joined the weekend league and played at the away games experiencing different courses and meeting lovely people who share my passion for the sport.  
All of this whilst working full time and training for the London Marathon again, I'm not sure what I did with my spare time before, it was wasted. 
A new set of clubs, which was my treat to me for completing the Virtual London Marathon in October 2021, and a couple of lessons and I am seeing some improvement to my ability. 
I'm keen to promote women in golf as it is a great sport and the inclusive approach at NGC is so very welcome 
"Never stop learning and never be afraid to try something new" 

Roy Smith

Pat Mills 
I had never really thought about playing golf, despite family having diverse sporting interests. My husband booked me a couple of lessons at the local driving range just to give it a try, and with that I was hooked! 
When I was ready to play "real golf" I joined NGC in 2012 where I was made very welcome by the ladies who gave me encouragement and helped me to get a handicap. 
The course is quite challenging, plays differently every round but that makes it very interesting. 
I have had the opportunity to play other courses in team matches, friendlies and away days, meeting socially with the other ladies. 
Now hoping to promote women's golf and welcome new members