Greens Committee Minutes

Date –  Thursday 1st May 2019
Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – Gary Pritchard - John Whitely

1. Apologies – None

2. Previous minutes discussed, and Actions Schedule updated. 

  • DC confirmed that all treatments undertaken on the 18 course greens are repeated on the two practice putting surfaces.  The one to the front of the pro shop receiving additional watering to help address its poorer surface.
  • It has been reiterated to staff the need to brush excess sand back into bunkers when using the mechanical bunker rake
  • The OOB marking to the right of the 1st hole has been made more prominent.
  • Bare patch to right of 7th green hand spiked, top dressed and seeded
  • Winter budget underspend taken to BOD and approved for carry forward to next winter


3. Green keepers update:

DC stated that the weather continues to dictate much of the work being undertaken across the course. In particular, the low overnight temperatures including frost several mornings a week are hindering growth on our greens.  The sand based structure retaining the cold long into the day when air temperatures rise. All greens have had two applications of top dressing, fertilizer and have been verti cut twice. A third light application of top dressing may be applied next week together with another application of feed to ensure growing conditions are ideal once overnight temperatures rise.

Bare patches on our greens are slowly recovering with chemical wetting agents being applied through both the irrigation system and hand held pipes to the worst affected areas.  This chemical should help retain moister in the root zone area and allow the seed applied to germinate. The use of a mechanical over seeder is scheduled for later in May when growing conditions will be ideal. 

The irrigation system is proving problematic as across the course.  The most significant leak occurring on the 2nd hole requiring the hiring in of a mini digger and replacement of 15 meters of pipe as well as taking the system out of use for a week.  Other small leaks are evident on the 4th, 6th, 10th and 13th holes. The system is old being installed when the course was first built over 25 year’s ago and will naturally deteriorate over time added to which last summers exceptional dry period will have caused movement beneath the ground putting extra strain on pipes and joints. 

Staff time has been largely focused on greens, fairways and rough maintenance throughout April. Other tasks to be addressed include bunkers which require edges tidying up and further sand applying particularly around those at greenside.  

The water fountain on the 14th holes has been out of use due to a broken part.  This is on order and should be installed this week hopefully allowing the fountain to be switched back on.


4. Professional update

Gary identified the following issues:

  • Long grass around practice mats on the field require attention Action DC to address
  • Aprons and green surrounds are inconsistent.  A discussion took place in respect of how to improve these areas which are often caused by footfall from trollies and buggies.  It was agreed that additional white lining and signs should be used together with advice from the Golf Team Actions DC to white line at 10 meters the worst area and source signage, GP to include in email to members


5. John W Update:

John identified the following issues:

  • Golf balls on the practice ground are being “removed” by kids on a regular basis sometimes in large sacks questioning if the sale of balls for practice was economic Action AB to take to BD
  • Tees are an area which lets the course down in terms of appearance. A discussion took place regarding this highlighting how last year these areas were not watered as we restricted our water for greens only and even then used almost all our allowance due to the exceptional summer. Action DC to oversee additional repair work to poorest areas
  • Maintaining areas of the course which are “out of play” such as left of the path towards the 12th tee could be reduced to focus on playing areas.  A discussion took place in respect of this issue identifying several areas which are maintained for appearance rather than to benefit playing areas.  Action  During the next Greens Meeting a course walk would be undertaken to consider potential labour saving areas.


6. Greens Director Update 

Andy B identified the following issues

  • The changes to the 8th hole and time to affect safety on the A642. A discussion took place on this issue with the option to provide additional instructions to golfers regarding their responsibility for their own actions.  Action Andy B to liaise with Eagle Golf re signage warning golfers of the danger.
  • The fairway edge “semi rough cut” has not yet been included in our course presentation Action DC to oversee
  • A further work experience student has been identified from Wakefield College if he could be accommodated. It was agreed this could be managed Action Andy B to arrange.
  • The ditch between the 16th and 17th holes requires debris removing Action DC to oversee
  • Planting of gorse to enhance to appearance of some areas of the course.  A discussion took place on this issue both as a hazard and to enhance the appearance of some areas.  Action include in course walk

7. Budget Update

A brief discussion took place re last years expenditure identifying that both the summer and winter expenditures were both marginally below budgets although if possible the proposed path to the right of the 12th hole will still be undertaken this year.

8. Verbal requests from members.

None received

9. Emails from members

An email was received from a member requesting additional signage be used to keep trollies and buggies away from greensides.  Evidence of trollies going between the green and bunker to the right of the 7th hole being provided.  A discussion took place re this type of behavior and options to deter others.  Action DC to source signage.


10. AOB

Nothing raised.


Date and time of next meeting. 10am Thursday 6th June  2019