Greens Committee Minutes

Date – Thursday 15th March 2018
Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – John Whiteley

1. Apologies

Gary Pritchard

2. Previous minutes discussed and Actions Schedule updated. 

      1. The course and current playing conditions were discussed. It was agreed that although disappointing, the snow and wet weather during March thus far had necessitated the closure of the course to prevent both footfall damage and danger to golfers. At this time a migration date for return to play from grass could not be identified  Action Dave C & Gary P to constantly review winter playing conditions, adopting a migration back to grass when appropriate.
      2. The H&S report from Barracloughs has been received.  This was discussed in detail under item 7.
      3. Following the irreparable breakdown of the Toro Workman a discussion took place with the Finance Director in respect of the overall condition of the green keeping equipment and the need to identify a schedule of replacement. A proposed replacement plan has been drafted and will be taken to the BOD for consideration at the end of March Action Andy B to address.
      4. Dave C confirmed that our greens could be aerated within a 7 day period if an Air2g2 were hired. Enquiries re possible prices and dates ongoing.

Green keepers update

  • Dave C identified how poor a month March had been thus far.  Heavy rain followed by approximately 4 inch of snow, which melted exceptionally quickly, rendered much of the course unplayable for several days.  Further snow is again predicted this week that may again close the course when covered and again as the snowmelt, leaves wet areas.
  • The soft course conditions have again prevented the use of heavy machinery on the course and although some winter work was delayed, the upside is that much of the necessary servicing of machinery has taken place as an alternative.
  • Prior to the heavy snow the staff were able to undertake some general work on the greens and tees.  All greens spiked with solid tines, verti cut and mowed which has helped maintain their health and remove much of the moss, which developed earlier in the winter. Additionally some tees were also cut and divot filled.
  • Work on the new 18th buggy bridge is almost complete.  The metal and wooden structures are in place and astro turf will be laid at the entry and exit to address footfall damage. Astro turf will also be laid on either side of the stone bridge at this time.
  • Plans for the development of the 18th waterfall are ongoing.  Two large stone slabs have been sourced which it is proposed will form the basis of a waterfall.  Completion of this work will require the hire of a digger and building of support sides once ground conditions permit access.
  • The digger will also be required to open up the waterway from the 13th pond, which runs under the driveway.  The existing culvert has partially collapsed causing a backup towards the course raising the water level into the nearby copse.
  • Work on the 6th bunkers will resume once ground conditions permit access to heavy machinery. Drains have been installed and the bunkers require final shaping, surrounds turfing and sand filling. 
  • Additional wooden edging and wood chip has been placed around the 7th tee presenting a more aesthetic appearance to both the approach and tee area.
  • 60 tons of crushed red tile has been received and will be installed on pathways in the near future.
  • Finally, Dave identified that the drainage ditches which were dug three years ago in the woodland to the right of the 7th fairway after the pond are now flowing. It is estimated that the pipe into the 7th pond has between 30 and 50 gallons of flow per hour.  Taking water away from the fairway and bunker to the right of the hole.

4. Professional update

  • Gary gave his apologies

5. John W update

  • Nothing raised

6. Greens Director Update 

As part of the ongoing considerations around the development of the course, a discussion took place in relation to the possible planting of “gorse” on the course as a means to enhance the visual aspect of holes.  It was agreed that an evergreen shrub such as gorse with its spring colour could add definition to some are areas of the course and potentially increase the difficulty of a hole dependent upon its location. Several locations were discussed as potential sites and it was agreed to pilot this on the 17th hole over the location of the now filled in bunkers to the right of the green
Action Andy B to source and pilot initially identifying the area as G.U.R.


7. Course Health & safety Report

A comprehensive Health & safety report in respect of the course has been received which was discussed in detail.  Within the report, it was identified that numerous action areas required attention including:

  • deep water
  • blind shot holes
  • holes adjacent to public rights of way
  • the bell on the 6th tee requires replacement
  • communication to members re their own and others safety should be undertaken annually
  • the implementation of our revised buggy policy
  • documentation of training, work observations and safety processes be maintained

A full schedule of actions were identified for monitoring purposes.

8. Verbal requests from members.

  • No verbal requests received.

9. Emails from members

  • An email regarding the recent closures of the course due to rain, frost and snow was discussed and in particular the need to limit damage to heavy foot fall areas during heavy ground conditions.
    It was agreed that the policy of checking the course as early as possible focusing on identified “wet” areas, taking cognisance of the latest weather forecast and closing when conditions warrant should be maintained.  The suggestion of “letting the course close itself” was discounted on both Health & Safety grounds to golfers and the long term demands of the course upkeep.

10. AOB

11. Date and time of next meeting.

  • 3pm Thursday 12th April 2018