Greens Committee Minutes

Date – Thursday 5th July 2018
Attendees Andy Booth - Dave Crampton – Gary Pritchard - John Whiteley

1. Apologies


2. Previous minutes discussed, and Actions Schedule updated. 


    • A provisional date for work to commence on the Green keepers hut has been set during week commencing 9/7/18 and the Telecom Mast have submitted two options for electrical supply route.. Dave C to advise Telecom rep on preferred route.
    • A Divot Night took place on Friday 15th June when attendees repaired an estimated 3000 divots.   Unfortunately, only 12 persons attended several of which were family of attendees and not members of the club.  In view of the lack of support for such events it was agreed that these may not tale place again after this years Captains Day preparatory work.
    • The hire of an Air2G2 machine has still not taken place.  Concern was expressed through the supplier that the unusually firm ground conditions may create damage as the prongs exit the surface.  To be re visited once weather conditions change. Dave C to arrange
    • The cut level of the new turf before the revised fairway bunker on 6th has been taken down to rough level.
    • Compliance with the request to keep trollies and buggies 10 yards from greens was discussed and agreed that further education of members / guest is required.  Explanation details were handed out at the club’s AGM, Greens Updates have frequently reiterated this request and posters remind golfers around the clubhouse. It was agreed that white paint would be used on the 11th and 18th to direct golfers away from some of the worst affected areas. Dave C to implement
    • A discussion took place regarding the possible future development to the 8th hole focusing on the benefits of its original design as a “risk & reward” hole, danger to persons on the A642 from stray shots and impact of the willow tree as it grows further into play.  It was agreed that if the tree were removed there is a need to develop alternative risks such as vegetation on the direct route raising the risk if not played as a “dogleg” All to review hole over upcoming weeks.

3. Green keepers update:

Dave C highlighted the dramatic change in weather from our cold and lengthy wet winter into a short spring followed by unseasonal warm and dry conditions averaging around 25 degrees for much of the last month and more.  The impact of which has seen the course dry up exceptionally quickly.

Greens are now in a very healthy conditions having returned to a smooth roll and regularly running at over 11.6 on the stint meter. This speed generating its own concerns as several pin placement areas of greens have become unfair to use e.g. middle deck on 18th.  A limited number of winter scars remain which will largely cover over naturally as the season progresses. Overall the greens are now probably as good as they have been in the last few years.

Irrigation of greens has been ongoing daily for several weeks now placing considerable strain on the 25-year-old system. Several spray heads have been replaced and in places where the system does not cover the full green hand watering has taken place. Additionally, a wetting agent additive have been placed into the system to help water retention on the greens. The ageing system has its limitation in regard to coverage and control and regularly suffers from leakage.  The main leak at this time, but not the only one, being to the rear of the 14th tee which fortunately does not interfere with play.  This will be revisited once demand for the system subsides.  If repaired now the additional pressure on other locations around the course could generate a leak in a more detrimental location. To date we have consumed 2500 cubic meters of our 6500-license limit.

Bells and additional Health and Safety signage have been received and are now being installed about the course. 

Red topping has been placed on the new paths around the and a further delivery of 29 tons has already been ordered.  Once in hand all new paths will be completed, and older paths refreshed.

Fungicide to treat winter infection to greens remains a concern as suppliers will no longer be able to provide older solutions which have been made unlawful to use.  Golf clubs are looking at solutions to minimize stress on greens and thereby help prevent disease naturally such as cutting at a longer length, restricting winter usage etc.  Until suppliers produce a “natural” solution we will remain in regular contact with national bodies to identify preferred solutions.


4. Professional update

Gary P identified that concern was raised by member over bare patches just off the green to the front of 18 which came into play when front pin positions were used. These areas have developed following applications of fertilizer when seeking to enhance growth to aprons.  As a temporary solution Andy B filled the holes with top dressing and seed which it is hoped will grow over in the near future.  It was agreed that we would avoid Red flag pin positions during this period.

Concern was raised around the potential fire risk in dry areas about the course particularly in wooded areas and long grass.  It was agreed that an email should be sent to members advising them of the risk which at this time asks for care rather than a smoking ban. Action Gary P to draft and send


5. John W update

John W raised concerns over the condition of the practice green where areas are turning brown and in some instances, cracks appearing. Dave C explained the shortcomings of the irrigation system and difficulties in maintaining the highest footfall green out of 19. It was agreed that the surface would require a deep cut / scarify, application of seeding and reduced access as GUR to allow surface to recover. Action Dave C to oversee


6. Greens Director Update 

Andy B recapped on the Greenkeepers Extension in more detail


7. Course Health & safety Report

An update on outstanding H&S issues was delivered by Dave C.  This is work in progress with the key developments this month focusing on the installation of new “bells” on the 5th and 6th holes together with additional awareness signage.


8. Budget update.

A review of the year to date expenditure against budget took place during which it was agreed that apart from one item shown in the accounts which related to Buggy Expenses all other entries were appropriately administered.  Expenditure against budget at this time is as expected. Action  Andy B to ensure buggy expense is removed from Greens Spending


9. Verbal requests from members.

A request was discussed to help minimize unnecessary wear to the right of the 10th green where balls only a short distance from green are suffering unfair bare soil lies. It was agreed that golfers should be encouraged to enter / exit green from rear of bunker rather than the front through white hoops.  Dave C to obtain and place to protect area.


10. Emails from members

  • An email was discussed requesting additional direction signage about the course particularly useful to visitors and on Open Days. It was agreed that this should be progressed  Action Dave C to oversee
  • An email enquiring when the OOB on the 13th hole might be removed was discussed.  It was agreed that this restriction should remain on H&S grounds preventing golfers as driving down that hole provided a genuine shorter route to the hole putting other golfers at risk Action Andy B to respond
  • An email was received in respect to the use of Trulute on tees (device to help level soil during seeding)  The use of this tool was discussed and in particular its use on tee areas.  It was agreed that the majority of divot filling on tees can be undertaken by hand and foot however when large areas are to be undertaken this or a similar tool would be used. Action Andy B to respond


11. AOB

Nothing raised


12. Date and time of next meeting.

  • 10am Thursday 16th August 2018