Captain's May Update


Finally the golf season has got underway, it is early days for our section teams but they have all had a good start.

We have had our first hole in one of the season in a qualifying event, Mick Tinker, well done mate, you can get to your appointments on time now with your new boss watch.

The first few weeks of the season have been enjoyable but at the same time unsettling for me with some issues that have been raised by some of our members.

The first issue has been about the longer grass on the 4th hole between the teeing area and green, secondly, the conditions of our greens at this time of year which are not at the standard we have had previously and last, that the golf course is too difficult for the higher handicap golfers.

During my handover night I stated that people will have different opinions and no matter which decision is made it will not please everyone. 

All of your comments, thoughts and suggestions are read and considered by the appropriate directors and myself.

All I ask is that when voicing your opinions it is done so in the correct manner and afford the staff who are doing their very best within the club the respect that they deserve.

Regarding the issues of the 4th hole, after taking many of the comments into consideration the greens staff / committee have cut down the longer grass from the end of the teeing area to a height where a bad tee shot will be penalised accordingly but players will be able to find and play their ball. Hopefully a happy medium has been reached for all golfers of varying abilities.

On a personal note I am somewhat confused at some of the comments from members who are stating that our golf Course is too difficult and is only suitable for scratch / low handicap players.

Some of the scores that are winning our competitions are extraordinary, well played to the winners but I can tell you that none of these scores are from scratch or low single figure handicap players.

Since the beginning of this years golf season, the competitions that have had 3 handicap divisions clearly show that the scores in divisions 2 & 3 are higher than in division 1 which contradicts the theory of the golf course being too difficult for the higher handicap players.

Some winning scores from each division from early season results are shown below 

08/04/18         22/04/18         28/04/18         06/05/18

Div 1;- 39         Div 1;- 41        Div 1;- 40        Div 1;- 43
Div 2;- 45         Div 2;- 44        Div 2;- 45        Div 2;- 40
Div 3;- 44         Div 3;- 44        Div 3;- 44        Div 3;- 45

The Jackson cup (bogey) on 12/05/2018.

1st and 2nd place were 18 handicaps, 3rd; - 10, 4th; -6 and 5th 21.

Horner cup on 19/05/2018.

105 players entered the competition, the winning score being 39 points by John Fox with a handicap of 25 (bandit i shout!! … only joking John well played) in the top 10 places there was 2 players who have a single figure handicap.

I accept that scores in respective divisions may increase / decrease as the season progresses and I will put some facts together after a few more weeks of competitions.

In respect of our Greens, there are a variety of reasons for their condition but i can reassure all of you that our greens staff are doing their utmost to help improve them. 

Once issue of contention is playing on the greens during periods of severe weather conditions during the winter months.

The comments I make below are purely as a member of our golf club, not the Captain.

We take steps to protect our tees by playing off tee mats, play off fairway mats to protect the fairways which might I add are in great condition, however we do not do anything to protect the best asset of our golf course, the greens, pitch marks are a massive issue.

We cannot expect to play on our greens throughout the winter months and then on 1st April expect them to be as good as Augusta.

Back to being Captain, we have a great Golf Club, all love to play our golf, and want to enjoy it and play on the best conditions possible so please let’s all try to work together, help wherever possible and we will get our greens back.

Dean Mountain