2021 Open Days - Results

If you played in one of our Open days, thank you for helping to make it a special day. We hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing you again in the future.



Thursday October 7th 2021, Ladies Autumn Open Day, Texas Scramble

1st place : - 53.6

Sam Fletcher (Oulton Hall),  Topst Allman (Woodhall Spa), Sarah Wass (Oulton Hall) & Natalie Cooper (Oulton Hall)

2nd place : - 54.5

Helen Lambert (Cleckheaton), Alison Kelly (Cleckheaton), Lynn Durham (Cleckheaton) & Gaynor McMullan (Pontefract)

3rd place : - 54.9

Sue Williams, Ann Berridge, Pat Evans & Chris Child (Scarcroft)

A brilliant day had by all and special thanks to the organizers and all helpers on the day!

Tuesday September 14th 2021, Mens Senior (EGGS) AUTUMN OPEN DAY, Better‑Ball

The Open Day was held in less than perfect weather with rain from early morning easing later in the day. In spite of adverse weather however the course was well presented and offered excellent playing conditions. Entrants from across the County and Lancashire enjoyed a well organised day which included first class, "half way house" refreshments [kindly served by Lady members] and catering offered by staff in the Club House.
The Competition comprised a pairs "better ball" stableford event with additional nearest the pin prizes and free "twos" prizes.

Final results were as follows:-

First            K Woolford, I Hunter      Hanging Heaton        48 Points

Second       J Wright,  A C Forcyth         Normanton          47 Points [back9]

Third           K Glassell, G Glassell       Normanton            47 Points [back3]

Fourth         C Harper Wath, G Camplin Hickleton            47 Points

Fifth             K Parkes Crookhill, I Brazier Oaks               45 Points

Sixth            J Parsons, D Davies        Normanton            44 Points [back9]

Seventh       S Greenwood, K Glassell Normanton           44 Points [back6]

Eighth          G Fox, P Jeavons            Normanton           44 Points

Ninth            T Jones, P Collins         Normanton             44 Points [back6]

Tenth           S Gray, S Simms            Sitwell Park           44 Points

Prize vouchers awarded ranging from £70 to £10 for each winner.

Nearest Pins
Second Hole    J Turner           Normanton                  53 Cmrs
Tenth Hole      I Hunter           Hanging Heaton          1.05Mtrs
26 Players were awarded 6balls for twos.

96 Pairs took part in the Competition.

NGC Seniors Committee wish to thank all those who entered and contributed to a very successful event.
A warm welcome is extended to players who wish to enter Seniors Open Days at Normanton now available for booking in 2022:- 7th June and 13th September.

RESULTS - Saturday June 26th 2021, Rabbits & Tigers Open

On Saturday we hosted a hugely successful open day at the club which saw almost 180 players compete on the day, some even travelling from as far as Bolton and Sunderland! Thank you if you played.

Our huge prize fund is split into 'Tigers' (T) and 'Rabbits' (R) based upon their handicap; to maximise the amount of winners! For those that have placed in the top 5, please make your way to the professional shop for your voucher that you have won!

1st Place:
Roy Smith & William Smith (T)
Jamie Williams & Norman Williams (R)

2nd Place:
Harold Box & Shaun Greenwood (T)
Edward Curley & Matt Pilcher (R)

3rd Place:
Gary Varley & Stephen Padget (T)
Raymond Willis & Emlyn Pickup (R)

4th Place:
Sylvain Pfirsch & Anthony Pfirsch (T)
Chris Sherry & Greg O'Neil (R)

5th Place:
Matthew Bagley & Richard Boot (T)
Michael Watson & Kevin Pickersgill (R)

For those that scored a 2, make your way to the club for your sleeve of balls. If you're a visitor and unable to collect your voucher or balls please email please enable javascript to view

RESULTS - Tuesday June 8th, Mens Senior (EGGS) OPEN DAY, Better‑Ball

The Open Day was held in glorious weather throughout the day . Entrants from across the County enjoyed first class playing conditions and arrangements ,which included excellent "half way" refreshments , were complemented on by all who took part. The Competition comprised a two ball " better ball" stableford event with additional nearest the pin and free "twos " prizes.

Final results were as follows:-

Pos. Player Club Points
1 P Nutter Cleckheaton G C 46 Points [Back 9 ]
  D Gearie Crownest Park G C  
2 C Bell Normanton GC 46 Points [Back 9 ]
  J Harrison    
3 D Ryley Normanton GC 45 Points
  A Hall    
4 S Moorhouse Normanton GC 44 Points [Back 9 ]
  I Travis    
5 C Smith Hanging Heaton G C 44 Points [Back 9 ]
  D Townend    
6 J Fox Normanton GC 44 Points [Back 6 ]
  S Blackburn    
7 B Parkes Normanton GC 44 Points [Back 6 ]
  J Poppleton    
8 F Bateman Normanton GC 44 Points [Back9]
  T Palmer    
9 M Robinson Thornhurst Manor G C 43 Points
  M Lunn    
10 G Walker Wath on Dearne G C 43 Points [Back 9]
  M Birkinshaw    


Prize vouchers were awarded ranging from £70 to £10 for each Winner.

Nearest pins
Second Hole B Harvey Normanton G C [8ft 8 ins]

Tenth Hole M Bernard Wath on Dearne G C [2ft]

Prize vouchers of £20 were awarded to each winner.

Twos - 21 Entrants received 6 Balls for recorded twos.

The Seniors Committee at Normanton wish to thank all those who took part for making the event successful and extend an invitation to all golfers to take part in our Autumn event to be held on 14th September 2021.Booking available via BRS.